Orthotics Being Fitted to a Woman's Foot

Do I need orthotics for my feet? Melbourne Podiatrist Dr Richard Chasen answers.

One of the questions we get asked all the time is, “Do I need orthotics?”

Watch this video to hear Dr Richard Chasen’s answer:

I wish I could give an easy yes or no answer, but it depends on a lot of factors. 

When someone comes to see us, we need to have a look at them before we can make any decisions. We need to assess what their specific needs are and not everybody will need orthotic treatment.

In fact, in some cases, orthotics may not be the best treatment we have to offer you for your particular problem. We have many treatment methods such as exercises/stretches, dry needling, massaging, taping, TENS/ultrasound, or shockwave therapy. It may be that your particular condition requires one or multiple of these.

What Orthotics Are Used For

But if you do indeed need orthotics, what they do is quite simple. They help your body to get out of its own way so that it can heal faster. Your body does all the healing. 

Orthotics is simply a tool in the treatment process. They take pressure away from areas that can’t handle it, and put it in ones that are more appropriate so that the tissue can settle down. 

Sometimes that means changing the way that you’re actually walking. Sometimes that means changing where your foot is contacting the ground. And sometimes it simply means giving you a little bit of support so the joints and ligaments that are struggling don’t have to work quite as hard.

Do you need orthotics for your lower limb condition?

If you’re experiencing chronic pain in your feet, ankles, or knees there’s a good chance custom orthotics can help. But the only way to know for sure is by consulting a professional podiatrist.

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